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Valakut tourney report

I am not the best player out there, but I can see that this deck have the potential given a good pilot.
Valakut - tourney report (11192009)
Valakut - tourney report (11192009)
the deck

RG Valakut Control - the deck

Valakut - tourney report (11202009)

Tournament Report
Nov 20, 2009 (Friday) AlphaStrike Hobby Shop. Cavite Philippines
9 man tournament. 6th 2-2
the deck
Round 1: JUND
Game 1
Open again a one land hand, mulligan to 6. I have 3 lands on hand but hesitant because no green source, and 1 burst, 1 bolt, and a harrow, but still decided to play with it, I am on the play this time.
He got me blightning 2x, then played a broodmate, I managed to dropped a Chandra nalaar, to kill his broodmate, but on his turn dropped a bloodbraid cascaded a bolt, targeting Chandra, then swinging for the win.

Game 2
Open again a one hand land, mull again to 6. It seem like my deck is afraid of JUND.
My 6 hand is much better than the previous mulligan I had. I took it. He managed to ruin blaster me for 2 turns, which got me manascrewed to reach a 5 land play. When I went 5 lands its too late for me.

His damage on this game came from his own fetches, what a game.

0 – 2, 0 – 1 (0 – 4 against JUND)

Round 2: GW
1st game
He dropped River Boa, and then next turn dropped a sledge equipping his Boa. I managed to slow down the boa, but its regenerate ability is too much to get the Boa destroyed. I even managed to hard cast a lavaball trap but a boa with a green source is really bad for the removals I have.
2nd game
I manage to control the board with the removals I have on my hand. No Boa here so lucky me. Got my valakut online then just killed him with valakut.
3rd game
He manage to dropped a 2/2 protection from black creature, with a sledge on it. Tried to kill by lavaball trap it but he had dauntless to make it indestructible. On my turn top deck another lavaball trap killing his lone creature. Left with 2 lands on play I controlled the game till I killed him with harrow, harrow, and harrow combo.

2 – 1; 1 – 1

Round 3: Emeria gainer
Love this match up, learned many things here. I like this deck, ramping his plains with Knight of the White Orchid, and Kor Cartographer to make his emeria online at the same time gaining life through baneslayer, wall of reverence, Battlegrace Angel, Landbind Ritual, and Felidar Sovereign (another win-con). I mean this deck rocks.
Game 1
I managed to destroy him emeria through lavaball, but his creature’s keeps on coming. I had killed his baneslayer, wall of reverence, battlegrace, felidar, iona through my valakuts. But still he managed to get 2 emeria lands online. With 13 mountains and 11 on play I know I will not win this game.
Lessons here – always check your triggers (khalni).
Game 2
I have no answer to a banslayer.

0 – 2; 1 – 2
Round 4: White Winnie
Game 1
2 khalni, two forest, terramorphic, harrow and a lavaball trap but no valakut on hand.
On turn 3 of opponent turn EOT a harrow, activated the 2 khalni on play, sacrificing both getting 8 land on play. On my turn played the lavaball trap on my hand, controlling the game.

Game 2
Honor of the pure with baneslayer on play won him the game..

Game 3
He had played again an honor of the pure and a baneslayer, had it swing on 6th turn dealing me 6 damage, and him getting to 26 life. On the same turn he played a pledge giving him 6 soldiers, 5 tapped mana and 1 open mana (he must have brave the elements) I have 2 forest, 4 mountain, 1 valakut. On my hand was lavaball, burst, harrow, and a mountain. EOT on that same turn I played a harrow, sac forest, and getting 2 mountains dealing 6 damage to baneslayer, he then responded with brave the elements (and I was right) protecting his baneslayer (now his tapped out). On my turn drew a terramorphic, played the terramorphic, sac to get a mountain, 3 damage dealt to baneslayer then played my lavaball killing the baneslayer and the soldier tokens from the pledge.
On the following turns I manage to play 4 valakut. Then drew a harrow to deal 24 damage, then 2 burst lightning for the win.

2 – 1; 2 – 2

Placed 6th on a 9 man tournament, 1st was JUND
Entrance fee is 100php, don’t really know the price structure. 8k tourney.
If you would want to really learn competitive play, then this is the venue for you.
Learned a lot on this venue, and still learning more. Tournament location to be posted later.

Valakut - tourney report (11192009)

Tournament report
Nov 19, 2009 (Thursday) Gamers' Lounge QC Phil.
12 man tournament. 6th 2-2
the deck
Round 1: JUND
My first game was JUND.
1st game
I lost the dice, so I’m on the draw. Opened a one land hand, I mulled to 6 cards. Still opened a one land hand, but I had 3 bolts plus one expedition map. Hoping to draw another land, I kept it. I had bolted most of his putrid leech (he dropped 3 copies), but my land count did not increased to 3. And he already had Garruk and a Brodmate Dragon in play. I lost to Garruks Overrun effect plus unreachable Brodmate Dragon by my removals (volcanic fallout).
2nd game
I am on the play; I got a good opening, harrow, valakut, lavaball trap.
On the other hand he had duress, removed my harrow. Even though he got my harrow, I still manage to have 8 lands on the play ready to cast my lavaballl trap (8th land through rampant growth – this is on my 5th turn), then by luck he drew his needed land for a kicked goblin ruinblaster, taking me back to 7 lands on play, then another ruinblaster, then another. Played a Chandra buts its too late, got more damage than I can afford.

0 – 2; 0 – 1

Round 2: JUND (again)
1st game
Im on the play, opened again a one hand land, mulled to 6, again another one land hand. Decided to play it because, again of 3 bolt and 1 burst, hoping to have enough removal for me to establish my lands. I just scooped because the 2nd land never came, and already down to 9.
2nd game
Again another one land hand, I have 24 land BTW. Mulled down to 5, on the 5th mulligan I had 4 mountains, one expedition map, decided to play it. Got my valakut online early but ruinblaster destroyed it through bloodbraid. Blighning my 3x. Rest is history.

0 – 2; 0 – 2, BTW (this will be my 0 – 3 against JUND)

Round 3: RDW
This was a race.
1st game
He got had me down to 5, but I had a khalni, 2 valakut, 4 mountains on the play, then one harrow on my hand. Play harrow, sac forest, activate khalni. Do the math.
2nd game
2 khalni, 2 valakut in play. Need to say more?

2 – 0; 1 – 2

Round 4: BOROS
This was also a race
1st game
He had me down to 6, but lost gas, due to me removals. Got my valakut online, then sit and wait for my mountains to finish the game. He was hoping for at least a bolt or harms way but didn’t came. Lucky me
2nd game
Turn 1 land
Turn 2 valakut
Turn 3 kahlni, then land
Turn 4 harrow, khalni active.
Turn 5 khalni,
Turn 6 harrow, harrow, khalni, khalni, for the win.

2 – 0; 2 – 2

Placed 6th on a 12 man tournament, 1st to 3rd was JUND.
On that tournament there was another one using the RG valakut combo deck, but he runs fog, bloodbraid, and some other creatures.

Entrance is 100php, 2 – 1 – 1 – 1 was the price structure, with one pack opened to be picked by the remaining players, with 5th placer picking first then 6th place picking second (me), then all picking one after another until all cards are picked. I got the green trap card that produces tokens when a noncreature permanent is destroyed, and a Demolish.

Fairview community still runs the best tournament out there. Tournament location will be posted later.

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(share) Joke time - laugh trip

taken from NGboards 
on out off-topic section. galing kay allisonlim
yung YAYA sa baba galing sa email.
tawa ako ng tawa habang binabasa to. share ko lang
Host : Saan ang dream vacation mo?
Girl Contestant : Amangpulo.


Host : What's your ideal age for marriage?
Girl : Uhm, uhm, I am not sure....
Host : Hindi, kunwari ikaw, more or less.
Girl : Uhmm... more. (Crowd booing... ) Sige, Sige. Less, less....


Host : If you had a foreigner friend, where will you bring him to showcase the beauty of the Philippines?
Girl Contestant : Bocaue.
Host : Bocaue. Why Bocaue? There are so many places in the Philippines ? Why Bocaue?
Girl : Because it's a magnificent place.
Host : Which part of Bocaue?
Girl : The Bocaue Rice Terraces. (Banawe Kaya Yon!!)


The contestant, presenting herself, talks into the mic and says, "Hi! I'm Cristine Reyes from Bagiuo...," and then she turns around, walks a little, goes back then yells at the top of her lungs! Then shouts, "CITYYYYYYYY!!!!"


(From Little Miss Philippines)
Host : Anong gusto mo pag-laki mo?
Girl : Maging lalaki po!


Host : Who's your favorite author?
Contestant : Danielle Steele
Host : Why Danielle Steele?
Contestant : Because, because...Danielle Steele, I like best.


Host : How would you like me to address you?
Contestant : My address is Project 8, Quezon City.


Host : What is your best feature?
Contestant : My graduation feature.


Host : So tell us, why did join this contest?
Contestant : Me, join this contest, why did I. Thank you!


Host : What do you want to be after you graduate?
Contestant : I want to be a successful Medicine.


Host : Hindi ito boob, hindi ito tube. Pero tinatawag itong boobtube. Ano ito?
Contestant : BRA!


Host : What is you favorite motto?
Contestant : If others can't why, why can't I!


Host : What would you like to say to foreigners?
Contestant : Please come back.


(From gay beauty contest)
Host : What is the one thing that symbolizes happiness for you?
Gay contestant : (Stops, thinks and then smiles.) EGGPLANT PO!


Host : What is your typical day?
Contestant : I think Saturday po!


(From gay contest)
Host : Ano ang advantage mo sa ibang contestant?
Gay Contestant : I think and believe na bilang isang bading......ano nga po ulit yung question?


Host : Which part of your body is your best asset?
Contestant : (Believe it or not she answered) Si Melanie Marquez po!


Host : What is your favorite motto?
Contestant : (After a long pause) I don't have a motto eh. (So the crowd starts helping her out. The crowd starts saying "Time is gold! Time is gold!")
Contestant : I have na po. Chinese gold!


Host : If you were to describe the color blue to a blind person, how would you do it?"
Contestant : That's a very good question. Keep it up. (Then the girl turns and walks away.)


Host : So, you're vegetarian, what is your favorite vegetable?
Contestant : I like potatoes, tomatoes, beans and what's that? KALABASH?


Host : What is your motto?
Contestant : Actor! (Everyone starts laughing.) Aay, actress pala.


Host : Who is your favorite fictional character?
Girl : JOSE RIZAL! (Crowd starts laughing.)
Host : Who is your favorite hero then?
Girl : Hulk Hogan.


Host : If you were to become a superhero, what would your power be?
Girl Contestant : Uhmm... a bumble bee!


Host : What is your edge over the other contestants?
Girl Contestant : My edge.... 23 years old.


Host : What, in your opinion, is the ideal age for marriage?
Girl : Between 24 and 25!


Host : How do you see yourself 10 years from now?
Girl : I'll be 28.


Host : Describe your love one in three words.
Girl : Kahit nga po 1 word, kaya ko.
Host : OK, sige!
Girl : In one word, MY LIFE!


Host : If you were given any special power, what would it be?
Girl : Power of Attorney!


Host : So you like reading, who's your favorite author?
Girl : Uhmm, Shakespeare.
Host : What works of Shakespeare?
Girl : Hindi ko po alam eh.
Host : But he's your favorite.
Girl : Eh kasi patay na sya eh.


Host : What is the biggest problem facing the youth today?
Girl : Drugs.
Host : Why?
Girl : Mahal eh!


Host : What is the essence of being gay?
Contestant : I'm proud to be gay because what is naked is essential to the eye!


Host : What makes you blush?
Girl : Blush on!


 Host : Hey, I heard you almost didn't make it, how did you get here? Did you ride or did you walk?
Gay Contestant : Of course, did you ride. What do you think of me, did you walk?

Kid: “Yaya look, boats!”
Yaya: “Dows are not boats, they’re yachts.”
Kid: “Yaya, spell yachts?”
Yaya: “Yor rayt, dey are boats.”

Woman carrying sick baby enters doctor’s office.
Doc: “Bottlefed?”
Woman: “Breastfed po.” (Doctors squeezes woman’s breasts repeatedly)
Doc: “Ayan ang problema, wala kang gatas, eh.”
Woman: “Yaya lang po ako doc!”

Inutusan si yaya na bumili ng dyaryo ( inquirer at phil. Star). Pagbalik sabi nya: : “Ma’am, wala pong Inquirer kaya bumili nalang po ako ng dalawang Star!”

Yaya: “Huhuhu…”
Ate: “O, bakit ka umiiyak?”
Yaya: “Kasi ate ang dami kong pimples!”
Ate: “Eh bakit ka ba tinitighiyawat?”
Yaya: “Kasi po di ako makatulog sa gabi.”
Ate: “O, bakit ka di makatulog?”
Yaya: “Kasi po may pinoproblema ako…”
Ate: “Ano naman ang pinoproblema mo?”
Yaya: “Kasi ate ang dami kong pimples!”

(Earlier) Mom: “Yaya, lagay mo yung pesto sa ref!”
(Later) Son: “Yaya, nakita mo PS2 ko?”
Yaya: “Nasa ref, pinalagay ng mama mo!”

yaya, nabutas ang uniform na pinaplantsa. Tanong ng amo: “Paano mo naman nasunog to?”
Yaya: “Secret!”

nanood ng movie…..“Ang pangit naman, happy ending!”

Sir: “Yaya, gawa mo ko ng kape. Yung decaf ha!”
Yaya: “Siyempre naman, alangan namang de-baso!”

yaya sa sari-sari store: “Miss isang Coke in can at isang Sprite na Coke in can…”

SIR: “Inday, si sir mo to, nabangga kotse ko & I need cash!”
INDAY: “Aru, dugo-dugo gang ka no?”
SIR: “Gaga! Si sir mo talaga to!”
INDAY: “Gago ka rin! Si sir ang tawag sa kin…kapkeyk…”

Ate: “O yaya, bakit ka umiiyak?”
Yaya: “Ati, sabi kasi ng duktor, tatanggalan ako ng butlig!”
Ate: “Eh yun lang pala eh! Bakit ka umiiyak?”
Yaya: “Buti kung one lig lang, eh kung butlig, wala na kong ligs!”

sa school, tinanong ng teacher c jenjen….: “The Earth is the 3rd planet from the sun. Ano ang katabi ng Mercury?”
biglang singit si yaya: “Parang Watson’s yata…”

Sir: “Yaya, natanggal mo yung mantsa sa barong ko?”
Yaya: “Opo! Tanggal na tanggal!”
Sir: “Good! Anong pinang-tanggal mo?”
Yaya: “Gunting!”

Yaya to tricycle driver: “Magkano sa City Hall?”
Driver: “Ikaw lang?”
Yaya: “Ay bakit, hindi ka sasama?”

(Si Kuya pumasok sa kuwarto ni Yaya) Kuya: “Yaya…”
Yaya: “Koya, wag po! Wag Pooooo!”
Kuya: “Gaga! Uutusan lang kita!”
Yaya: “Si Koya naman…nagsa-suggest lang…”

Kid: “Yaya, spell orange?”
Yaya: “Depende. Yung kulay o yung prutas?”

Midget Yaya who was newly hired: “Suwerte po kayo, ako ang napili niyo.
At least kung maibagsak ko si baby, mababa lang!”

matapos pagalitan dahil sa pinangako….. “Ma’am, hindi na po ako mangangako ulit…promise!”

yaya sa mcdo
Crew: “Dito niyo na po ba kakainin?”
Yaya: “Puwede sa table?”

AMO: “Bakit namatay ang aso?”
MAID: “Pinaliguan ko po ng laundry soap.”
AMO: “Nakamamatay ba yun?”
MAID: “Ewan ko nga po eh, pag-off ko ng washing machine patay na.”

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WTF - 2 years have already passed

While I have been checking my blog posts, I noticed that some of my post has no source, I mean most of my blogs are taken from email, sharing it to the community, but I have forgotten to include that it came from somebody else, sent to me through email.
Now to correct this, I have put on all of those posts - “taken from an email”. Those were really not mine, but rather I was just sharing some nice read. And if you would take the time to browse those posts, you would agree to me that those are indeed nice reads. And for the author of those posts, I don’t really know, ‘coz they were just forwarded to me through emails.
Now while going through the first entry of my posts, I noticed it dated - 8/19/07.
WTF August 19, 2007 – that’s like 2 years ago already.
And my first post was:
“naiingit lang kaya gumawa din ako ng blog..
just got jealous of blogs, that made one myself.
anyways this is my first ever blog

anyways if need to talk to me, do add me at YM
my id is david.macas”

Talk of nostalgia.
This would also mean that I am already 2 yrs on my current job as an Equipment Engineer.
It is very nice knowing what you did for the last 2 years, tracking yourself with a blog.

And with this I would like to thank whoever invented blogging, and of course who ever invented the internet. Internet got me 2 weeks of work suspension, but also at the same time gets me this job.

Really if I would evaluate it very carefully, I could say that GOD (the creator of heaven and earth, and everything else) works on mysterious ways. And he is really GOOD or I must say GREAT, no I think there is no word that could describe it. 


Now that’s a question.
Are you happy?
Are you?
I just watched the movie “Shortcut to Happiness”, not that great movie, but the moral in it is great. The movie would tell you that getting happiness has many forms; you may be successful but not happy, paid high but not happy, the king but still not happy.
In my opinion happiness is contentment in life.
Some people are not content with the pay they get, the reason why they try to look for greener pasture. Which is mostly (for Filipino) located in other countries. Middle East may be dry, but sure the pasture there is very much green.
But still I have seen people still not happy with what they have even though are already earning so much. 3 storey house, 41 inch plasma TV, complete home theater, top of the line desktop computer, and yet not happy of what they have. It is because they are not content of what they have, they want more.
Me, I’m happy eating 3 times a day, playing with my children, being able to play Magic the Gathering from time to time (with my consent of course). I’m ok with that. I’m already content with that.
Have you ever been to Tondo, or the Payatas? People there are starving. They eat only once a day, every children works. But there are still happy, not pretty much of a complain. I’ve been there, so I would know.

Happiness is how content you are right now. - dmax

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Valakut Control - tourney report

premise: i'm a full time dad. so no play test prior to toruney.
i play once a month, depends on my wife.
the deck should be better if i'm not the pilot.
13x mountains
3x forest
4x terramorphic expance
4x valakut
24 lands
4 harrow
4 rampant growth
4 expedition map
4 Khalni Heart Expedition
4 lightning bolt
4 burst lightning
3 lavaball trap
3 volcanic fallout
2 chandra nalaar
2 pyroclasm
36 spells
i played this deck last wednesday on philcoa, and it ran fine. it was a deck they did not expect.
round 1 was against vamps.
he took game 1, he got 3 bloodghast on the board. i manage to sweep it but, alas a land dropped. GG for me.
2nd game, i got an early online valakut, with khalni and few more mountains, he lost this game.
3rd game, i got an early valakut, but he manages to mindsludge me, and finished me with his malakir.
1-2, 0-1
round 2 was a control deck.
he just was not ready for my deck, i think the suprise got him to loose.
early valakut, with khalni, +chandra for his banslayer. it was total control for valakut.
2-0, 1-1
round 3 was also control
this deck has denial, DoJ's, some wall and some counterspell, and some removals,
but i had no creature, so his removals was dead cards. early khalni and more than 2 valakut in play sealed the game.
2-0, 2-1
round 4 was white wheeni deck.
he played with 2 lands in hand. fortunately i had my lavaball trap.
got early valakut, and khalni, but valakut still wont be online till few more mountains. i had to crack my khalni for the hardcast lavaball. and i did manage to hardcast it, destroyed his 2 plains, fortunately he had brave the elements to protect his creatures. but i still have removals on my hand. after casting my removals, he scooped. BTW im already down to 7 lives at that point.
game 2 he managed to counter my harrow, slowing me down. then beat me.
game 3 i manage to pull early valakut, removal, then khalni. win for me
2-1, 3-1
round 5 was with a control
i had many misplays here, and i learned a lot here.
1. cast instants one by one, as to not be countered by double negative (i've done this twice in this game, double lightning bolt,)
2. with heavy counter deck, remove harrow. side in all creatures.
3. think for answer to a sphinx (5/5 shroud)
4. dont play withour a forest.
5. play smart, and always play like your winning.
the community is good, but the prize structure is not that good compared to my hometown FNM(dasma)
entrance fee 150php, we had i think 22 players, i placed 8th but the prize was cut at 6th, 3 - 2 - 1 - 1 -1 -1. edit infairness they run 16k. not bad for a 150 entrance
before this tourney i already used the valakut control but it only had one chandra, no lavaball.
i played it in dasma i went 1 - 3 with it.
most of my matchups was aggro (3 losses - RDW, big green, another-i-forgot-aggro deck), the win is from a control deck. with my chandra always appearing on the board.
thinking of adding one more chandra on the main(remove earthquake to the side) and another lavaball trap on the side.
#note: early khalni drops will increase the chance you win. you could actully hardcast lavaball trap with khalni turn 5
SB is my tech