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Diamond Guide

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oOSadista - level 75 tamer Golden Sun

Running Peacock River

Running Peacock River Cave. video here
This will guide you on Running the Peacock River Cave.
The Peacock River run below has been run by one person, using 2 accounts, therefore this run is slower. Running with 5 member party is faster, but the thought is the same. This run is composed of one tamer and one fairy.

Now the cave run walk through. (please refer to pix above for reference)
  • From Start you may Skip Set of mobs 1 and 2, but be sure to pass though the side on mob 2, because set of mob 1 has its stunner. Low life member may be stuck and get killed.
    • it is advisable to have the tank go first
    • if you would go this way be sure to proceed with position 1 (brown triangle)
  • You could also kill Set of Mobs 1 and 2, by luring them to the start position.
    • why lure them to start position? because this mobs will call for help when there life is low (like mobs on BH)
    • Below are pix of set mob 1 (highlighted is the damager, be careful of its stun).
    • Next is the second set of mobs, you may pass through mobs 1 and 2 through the side of mobs 2 going to the bridge.
    • Last pix is me luring the mob to the start point, if you want to kill those mobs. But you must be careful of luring the mobs, start first with the first mob then the second set of mobs. 

  • Next is passing the mobs 1 and 2, going to the bridge then stopping at position #1

  • or you could stop at this location.

  • Going to the mob above, try to kill the damager first (because of low life) (highlighted mob), then next is the healer, then the two mobs with big  mouth (high life, but low damage).
    • also after killing these mobs a third mob with big mouth will appear from above.
    • and also kill these mobs on there location, and not below it. There is a hidden mob below it. See below pix.
hidden mob after the bridge, will be triggered by other mobs. or you moving back and forth in this location
  • After clearing mobs 1, 2, and 3 let us now proceed with set of mobs #4. 
    • range and Healer should position themselves behind the big rock (position #4 on map above)
    • Focus Fire on the Red Giant Rock (though same name as the required mob quest, they are different, this is not part of the quest)
      • Red Giant Rock casts AoE attacks, but it has a blind spot, for melee type class (except for the tank) could find this blind spot (this will let you use less IFP)
    • Please also note do not hit the non aggre mobs just above the mobs here, else they will attack you, and will also give debuff before they die- all stats will be halved (wears off after some time, about 30 secs)
    • Range becareful of damage, mobs may charge target to you - causing reset of the Giant
  • Clearing set of mobs 1 - 4 will clear the way to kill the two quest mobs "Red Giant Rock".
    • Giant cast AoE damage.
    • range and healer should position at either position #2 or position #3
    • this giant also has a blind spot for melee damager (go find it).
    • NOTE: in case you missed this quest, you can Mount Run this giant, passing set of mobs 1 - 4 and proceeding at position #2 (just move further forward)
      • mobs 1 - 4 will leave battle on you, allowing you to focus on the Red Giant Rock
    • Ignore Blue Giant Rock
      • don't kill it.
        • at half life on the Blue Giant Rock, will summon 3 small rock giants which is annoying
        • then it will reset is life back to full health (though the giant will have less defense)
        • (note giant) so just ignore Blue Giant Rock, if it attacks you stun/freeze/slow then run towards position #4. 
          • if this fails, run back to position # 2.
          • never run further down, or further up. hidden mobs might appear.
    • After killing the first Red Giant Rock, proceed to set of mob 6 there you will find the second Red Giant Rock.
      • positioning should be elementary for this mob. 
      • in case the Blue Giants get tangled by the tank, try to get it then run for position #4 (note giant)
        • find a way for it to leave battle and return to its original position.
  • 2/4 Quest is now done. proceed upwards from set of mobs 6. Regroup where set of mobs #4 is located. regenerate life and mana.
  • going upward is set hidden mobs (Hunting Swordsman), so it is advisable for the tank to go first. 
    • but be careful this mobs will try to hit anything close but the tank.
  • Mob 8 is a single big mouth monster, cant be stun or debuffed. Just Focus Fire on this.
    • sometime this mob can be spotted with set of mobs 9, but he moves between mob 8 and mob 9.

  • Set of mobs 9 and 10 is a little bit trickier.
    • This needs lurer, preferably a team member with high HP.
    • Other beside the lurer can position themselves at position #5.
    • the trick is lure mobs 9 to position #5, try to pass to the side of the rocks, so less mobs can follow you. also be careful of the stuns. 
      • move to mob 9 close enough that the mobs will see you, as soon as it sees you. move away from the mob and go to position #5
  • Luring then mob

  • Killing the lured mob
  • Rinse and repeat process, till all mobs are dead.
  • Do this to mobs 9 and 10.
    • but be careful, sometimes you can get tangled up luring both mobs 9 and 10.
      • if this happens, run until you reach the start or proceed to position 2 or 3.
  • Demon Mobs
    • There is a close gate going to the boss named SiMing. It can only be opened by killing the Gold Demon, but this Gold Demon has companions on his side.
      • once the Gold Demon is killed the gates to Siming will Open
    • Demon Mobs is composed of
      • Gold Demon - Monk
      • Fire Demon - Wizard
      • Water Demon - Fairy
      • Wood Demon - Assasin
    • There multiple ways of passing this mobs.
      • one is the Rock and Roll
        • this method involves the tank going in first taking the agrre on the demons (no heals for fairy here)
        • other team members focusing damage on Fire Demon (wizard), then Water Demon (Fairy), Wood Demon (Assasin), then Gold Demon (Monk)
          • Fairy may start healing as the Fire Demon dies, do not heal before the Fire Demon Dies, else the mob will transfer to you. (heal agrre)
      • Assasin Lure.
        • position the team on position #6, just behind the fence.
        • one lure the mobs, then another gets the Wood Demon to go to position #6
          • when the Wood Demon is on position #6 (just behind the fence) Focus Fire on the demon.
          • make sure the other demon leaves battle. be far away as possible on them (for the lurer)
          • Fairies do not heal the lurer.
        • when the Wood demon is on half life, lure again the mobs. make sure the Water Demon (fairy) sees the Wood Demon taking damage. And let the other demon leave battle.
          • the lurer must return to his position, (position #6 - just behind the fence) before the wood demon dies.
        • When the Wood demon Die, the water Demon will come to you location. Never hit the fairy unless it is at the fence . Never hit the faiy unless it is at the fence.
          • Hitting the fairy before it get close to the fence, will be seen by the other demons. This will cause all the demons to come at you.
            • when this happens proceed with "rock and roll" style. Go to there location, kill the wizard, then fairy, then Monk.
            • Never, Never, Never leave battle any of those demons.
              • leaving battle will reset the Wood Demon. restarting everything.
        • When the fairy comes on the fence, Focus Fire on it, till it die.
        • Proceed with killing the wizard and monk, at there location. 
          • Never leave battle on this Demon, if you already on this stage. it will reset the Demons
      • Mount Run.
        • position the team on position #6, just behind the fence.
        • one lures the mobs, then another gets the Gold Demon (Monk) to go to position #6
        • Focus Fire on the Monk until it dies.
          • Monk should be near the fence, w/o triggering other demons
        • Ride your mount.
        • Let the tank go first
        • The tank stops at the location of the demons.
        • Other team members crosses the bridge.
        • If all team members already crossed the bridge, the tank now follows to cross the bridge.
        • Killing the Gold Demon will open the gate going to SiMing.
        • But not killing the other demons, and having them to leave battle with you. will cause the Demon to reset. reviving back to Gold Demon. Hence closing the gate going to SiMing.
          • Therefore going this path, you can not afford to die and respawn while beyond the gate going to SiMing.
          • PJS is required, or intensive use of Instant Full Potion is a must. 
  • Doing the Demon Kill 2 Man Style (Healer required)

The Demons.
On this case Luring the Demons then the healer pulls the other Demons. Due to the distance of the healer, the other demons will leave battle, leaving the Wood Demon and the Water Demon for the killing.
After killing the Wood and Water, we will now proceed with killing the remaining Fire and Gold.

Killing the remaining Demon, hence opening the gates.

  • Passing the gate to SiMing
    • If by chance you will be the first to cross the bridge, do the following:
      • mount until position #9 or at the end of the bridge.
      • because you are the first all mobs will follow you.
      • return back to the middle of the bridge.
      • wait until most of the mobs is near you.
      • fully cross the bridge.
      • this will cause the mobs to be stuck on the bridge. leaving other party members free from mob.
At the middle of the bridge, getting all the mobs.
  • Running SiMing
    • Mobs 12 and 13 are needed before going to kill Si Ming else it will be very difficult.
    • But if the party members is strong enough killing set of Mobs 12 will do.

Mobs #12. I would recommend killing the 2 fire priest first (the stuns is annoying) then the blood thirsty swordman, the Samana Chopper, then last is the Sword.
    • After Clearing Mobs 12 (and if party Member is strong enough), damager should position on position #8

    • Tank will then Lure SiMing to position #7
    • Damager should be careful on damaging SiMing, if they will attract SiMing, SiMing could reset causing restart of SiMing kill.
    • Melee Damager should also be careful of positioning themselves. at 3/4 Life SiMing will summon 2 Assasins. if one summons assasins sees any of the team members (esp wrong position of the melees). This will call Mobs #13, and this will be very difficult for the team.
      • if this happens, Kills the mobs of mob 13 firsts. disregard SiMing.
    • At 1/3 life of Si Ming or when life of Si Ming is between "S" and "i" it will call four summons.each summon when not killed will give Si Ming specific buff
      • 100% damage, - Sky Splitter
      • 100k shield - ???
      •  2k health regeneration every 2 seconds. - Snow Splitter
      • Freezes attacking player - ???
    • When Si Ming summons his minions he will, like say something long. This is the signal for the team to Focus Fire on Si Ming.
      • Fae will have to focus fire. no heal.
      • no one goes AFK
      • when somebody dies, use PJS ASAP
      • reserve stun, use only skill below
        • only bash for sin
        • sheen/blue buddha for fairy
        • every damage skill of wiz except DoT spells.
        • Heavy, rapid, spiny for tamer  (bow) ; non DoT skill for xbow tamer
        • not familiar with monk, no DoT skill
      •  the team must outrace life of SiMing with his minions buff.
      • if ever the last minion had casted his buff (2000 hp regen every 2 sec), Si Ming will begin to attack with 3 buff on him - 100 % damage, freeze attacking player, 2k hp regen every 2 sec.
        • stun Si Ming alternately. time your stuns.
        • if his heal buff outweighs your team damage, restart kill of SiMing, do the old shool method of SiMing. 
          • this happens when somebody dies and has no PJS
          •  low damage output.
          • afk members.
        • SiMing AoE hurts at this stage, damage can get as high as 10k critical
          • use IFP when life is below 10k

  • OLD SCHOOL method of Killing SiMing
    • kill mobs 12 and 13.
    • tank position himself at the location of SiMing.
    • Stun alternately
      • always have stamina for stuns
    • at 3/4 life SiMing will summon 2 assasins coming from different end, it will hit the tank. but when the tank is being healed the aggression of those two summons will transfer to the fairys. (see picture below for reference of SiMing assasins respawn point)
      • at this point other team members must lure the two summons then go around the rocks (please see arrow directions below)
      • those two summons disappear then will re appear again.  (see picture below for reference of SiMing assasins respawn point)
    • When SiMing life is on letter "i" of "Si" prepare to position the team at Sky Splitter summon location.
    • When Life is nearing "S" it will speak some long words
      • fairies should stop healing the tank ASAP
      • tank should continue to damage SiMing until summons appear.
        • for sin, monk, wiz tanks, stun should not be on CD
      • at this point Si Ming will begin to summon his minions.
        • when summons will gang up, hit them with stun.
        • then Focus fire of Sky Splitter, then Snow Splitter
        • each summon has its own buff, and will disappear when it has finished casting its buff (it will sacrifice itself to give SiMing buff)
        • If Snow Splitter has finished casting his buff or killed, SiMing will begin to attack
        • 100% damage, - Sky Splitter
        • 100k shield - ???
        •  2k health regeneration every 2 seconds. - Snow Splitter
        • Freezes attacking player - ???
      • SiMing will start to attack as soon Snow Splitter finished summoning, or Snow Splitter is dead.
        • As soon as Snow Splitter is like 1/8 life or near death, tank should already be hitting SiMing.
        • If SiMing aggression does not go with the tank, go up to where he is originally located, else you could reset Si Ming
          • Never run below (arrow on red)
    • This method will leave Siming with shield buff and Freeze buff.
      • fairies can start healing the tank as soon as the tank gets the aggression of SiMing.
      • if during the course of killing SiMing aggression changes never go down, instead go up to his position.
      • except for mount run, if you die, you can respawn here and just return to killing siming. no pressure of not dying unless you are the tank

  • Yu Wen
    • Yu Wen is located thru a portal just below mob #10, before killing the demon. going left facing SiMing.

    • entering this portal and moving a little bit forward, you would be greeted by two mobs. one stunner and another one with one big mouth.

    • you can pass this, or kill this two (during this run a diamond bag drop on this mob - glorious lvl 7).
    • this mob can be annoying specially if you get caught by the stun. being on battle state will prevent you from entering Yu Wen Lair, so you must kill it first if ever you failed to leave battle on it.
    • further down this portal is a way which had meteor shower on it. be careful you could die on this showers.
    • beyond the next portal, moving a little bit forward Mobs Named "Blue Edge Taoist" will greet you with there swords and blades. 
      • kill them first
      • be sure to stay on the middle. on the so called carpet.
    • after killing them, further forward, there is a stairs which you could locate Yu Wen.
    • Go up the stairs, like half of the stair +1 step. Then let Yu Wen shout first (you will see like he explodes) then quicky retreat downstairs.
      • sometimes this method bugs the fire Yu Wen summons, but sometimes not.
    • When Yu Wen goes down the stairs, meteos of shower will fall on the stairs. with it will summon 4 samdhi fire.
      • Never kill samadhi Fire, else it will be troublesome
        • killing it will turn it to Fire Spirit, which will stick to you and never disappears unless killed
        • killing the Fire Spirit, will turn into an affressive mobs w/c deals 500 damage per turn 1500 total turn, and will keep on turning. also this mob has high HP.
      • Samadhi Fire dis appears, but Yu Wen summons this two times. unless you get Yu Wen to 3/4 life before it could summon the second fire.
Yu Wen bugged
        • the team can also assign a lurer for this fire, but be sure to remove your weapon and hit it only 1 time.
        • The fires can be bugged, but i would not recommended it.
          • Hit the fire, then teleport outside the lair (goback to transport teleport - choose first option) outside wait for the meteor shower before going back inside.
      • Do not stay on the stairs, there is a meteor shower on that area 2 times. 
        • you can stay there if you know the timing of this showers. just quickly go down the stairs when the shower starts.
      • Healer should be at max range of the tank.
    • When Yu Wen Life is at 3/4 when its Life is on the letter "Y" it will cast a large AoE spell dealing 21k damage on a level 75 char with +7 set of armor (more if critical damage hits you, or you are lower of level or lower of armor upgrade)
      • even fairy at max range will be hit.
      • be careful of this AoE
      • this last for like 4 secs, 
      • after the AoE return on healing or damaging.
    • it will again cast that AoE three more times (total of 4 times)
      • on the fourth time be sure to be on range of Yu Wen for the quest to be credited.

first Yu Wen AoE

  • to go outside Yu Wen lairs choose the second option of the teleport.


for a newbie for peacock river, always say that you are a first time or Newbie of the cave.

for question, feel free to email me, or provide a comment.
this has not been proof read so please provide me with errors on the walk through.

this is still a work in progress.

thanks for reading

oOSaDisTa - level 75 tamer weapons of war ph - Golden Sun Server
jannarein - level 75 fairy weapons of war ph - Golden Sun Server

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[GUIDE] Peacock River Cave (PRC) guide

click me for more complete details of Peacock River run
Peacock River Cave is a cave (instance/quest) that will reward you with level 60 – 70 sets.
  • Defense of the said set is like its gold counterpart of the level 60 – 70 armours.
  • You can obtain 2 set of armor
    • Through reputation (also called PR loos set)
    • You will need 14000 reputation points to reach the next level of reputation
    • You can obtain your first PR armor (cuff) on level 3 reputation points.
    • On the first run of the cave the quest will give you 16000 reputation points, leveling your PR reputation to level 2. You will only need 12000 more to get your very first PR armour (namely the cuff)
    • On the next run after the first, the quest will give you 10000 reputation points
    • You can only run this cave once per day, it resets on 12am.
  • Through Bloodchips (also called PR Dota Set)
    • The PR quest will also reward you bloodchips for completing the quest
    • For every quest you will get 10 bloodchips. This is the same quest as the reputation quest
    • The two main bosses YuWen and SiMing also drops bloodchips (one each)
  • PR Loos Armour is also a drop of the two main bosses YuWen and SiMing
    • Unfortunately PR Dota can only be obtained through bloodchips of through Freedom Quartz
  • How long for the PR set? then lets do some math.
    • After the first run, you will need 10 runs to get to level 3. That is 10 days, now plus the initial run that would be 11 runs or 11 days.
    • Now from level 3 to level 4 and to other levels you would need 14 runs or 14 days to get to next level. 
    • To complete the set you would need to reach level 11 or PR repu. from level 3 to level 11 that is 8 levels, one level is 14 runs or 14 days. so theoretically that is 112 runs or more than 112 days. 
    • Then we would add the days from level 1 to level 3 earlier which is 11 days to the level 3 to level 11 which is 112 days will give us 123 days.
    • 123 run or days to complete the whole PR loos set. or more than 4 months to complete. Given you will always run PR everyday.
    • For the PR Dota, it will be a different story but according to my friends it will take more than 6 months to complete. i have not done the math myself yet.

What you need to bring? And you need to remember

  • Always Bring Instant Full health
    • I would recommend 20 up for melee, 10 up for range. Though if you are not the tank, you would be using so much IFH, if you already know the cave well. But being safe and you will never know what will happen inside the cave, I would recommend those numbers.
  • Always Bring Instant Full Mana
  • Always Bring Phoenix Jack Straw (please don’t be stupid not bringing this)
  • Bloodchips always go to the Tank, unless the Tanks says so.
    • Please be considerate of the tank, don’t roll for the chips if you are not the tank.
  • Fairy (like any other cave) will always prioritize heal to the tank. If you are not the tank don’t expect heal from fairies.
  • As much as possible refrain from going AFK or sitting in-between mobs. (reason for note 1 and 2)
    • As a rule of thumb, if the tanks sit, then sit
    • Most tanks are trying to run as fast as possible to cater more people entering the PR cave. Also gain more chips on less time.
  • Tank please protect the fairies, most fairies will get the agro of the mobs.
  • During fight with SiMing, if by any chance aggro of SiMing has transferred to you. Never run away from SiMing. Let him kill you, else you would encounter SiMing reset. (Applicable only to the non Bug version.
    • Range Damagers, please be very careful on your damage, let the tank sink his damage to the Boss first before attacking the boss. (pakapet muna sa boss mga pogi)
  • Learn when to get back from YuWen, but also learn when to return.
    • The AoE have a damage of 22k – no crit, level 75, +7 set (50-60 armor)
    • So if you have more than 22k of life then don’t be like a sissy running like hell if the tank says “back”. Just wait for the initial damage then back away from YuWen
    • After 4 sec from the initial damage return to damage  Yuwen, or Heal the tank.
  • For first timers, please don’t go ahead of the tanks (please lang).
    • Say it is your first time, so that other will guide you.
    • Listen to your team.
  • Please at least have a +7 set, specially your weapon.
  • Don’t be an ass, when your team mate is from the opposing guild.
    • Para sa GS server madame na ako na kaparty na nang gugulo lang porket hindi naming sila ka alliance. Namely Active(kick sa last boss),  Lorell, xXSarah
  • Will add more, as I would remember some things I forgot.