Linggo, Marso 26, 2017

A Magic the Gathering Rant

Magic RANT.
Magic the gathering players in general are introvert individuals.
They are drawn in the game, mostly due to the art – Dragons, Devils, Treefolks, Goblins, Angels.
Then they play the game, that get to attract them more to the game.
                Wizards casting spells; Mana; Summoning creatures.
Those who have played Dungeons and Dragons most also plays Magic the Gathering; this is due to the similarities of both games.
Magic the Gathering is an expensive endeavor. A competitive deck can cost you 20k php ($ 400). And player will shell out this cash for the game, but what is funny is that they will shy out on competitive magic – most of us but not all.

I am guilty of the above, shelling out cash but shying out of competition.