Martes, Hunyo 26, 2018

MTG : The road to the PRO

Magic the Gathering 2018 - beyond
The Road to the PROS!!!!!!!

Linggo, Marso 26, 2017

A Magic the Gathering Rant

Magic RANT.
Magic the gathering players in general are introvert individuals.
They are drawn in the game, mostly due to the art – Dragons, Devils, Treefolks, Goblins, Angels.
Then they play the game, that get to attract them more to the game.
                Wizards casting spells; Mana; Summoning creatures.
Those who have played Dungeons and Dragons most also plays Magic the Gathering; this is due to the similarities of both games.
Magic the Gathering is an expensive endeavor. A competitive deck can cost you 20k php ($ 400). And player will shell out this cash for the game, but what is funny is that they will shy out on competitive magic – most of us but not all.

I am guilty of the above, shelling out cash but shying out of competition.

Martes, Hulyo 12, 2016

Philippines WMCQ II Modern Format

July 9, 2016 was Philippines WMCQ II held at Glorietta 3 Activity Center.
Total attendee was at 460. A Philippine record for a Modern Format, biggest gathering for Modern players.

I played my trusted Allies deck, and ended up 116th.
This got me 3 Khan of Tarkir packs.

Huwebes, Hulyo 7, 2016

Philippine WMCQ II is coming this July 9, 2016, the event will be held on Glorietta.
I would be using my trusted Allies deck back in the days it was legal, with some few upgrades.
The functions like an 8 wack deck, but instead of Goblin Bushwacker, it uses Akoum Battlesinger.
It has a potential 20 damage on turn 3.
Below is the List:

Creatures (30)
4Expedition Envoyw1.16
4Hada Freebladew7.96
4Akoum Battlesinger1r0.72
4Kazandu Blademasterww8.72
2Ondu Cleric1w0.58
4Thalia's Lieutenant1w13.60
4Kabira Evangel2w14.60
4Reckless Bushwhacker2r2.36
Spells (10)
3Lightning Boltr6.63
3Mana Tithew2.79
3Path to Exilew30.87
1Captain's Claws20.67
Lands (20)
4Ally Encampment3.64
4Battlefield Forge5.60
2Clifftop Retreat10.00
1Keldon Megaliths0.24
1Stomping Ground12.92
3Windswept Heath38.25
Sideboard (15)
2Gut Shotrp0.58
1Lightning Boltr2.21
1Path to Exilew10.29
2Phyrexian Revoker22.42
3Smash to Smithereens1r0.60
2Thalia, Guardian of Thraben1w18.44
1War Priest of Thune1w0.19
1Lantern Scout2w0.81
2Simian Spirit Guide2r10.98
75 Cards Total

Miyerkules, Hunyo 22, 2016

WMCQ1 Philippine Edition

The First World Cup Magic Qualifier on the Philippines was held at Fisher Mall Place, Quezon City.

The Event had a total of 486 participants.

The event was won by Mark Ramos.

His deck was a UR Eldrazi Control  - link here

Martes, Hunyo 21, 2016

WMCQ 2016 first leg - standard

Philippines had just finished its first of three legs of 2016 World Magic Cup Qualifiers (WMCQ)
The format is standard, and we had 486 attendees on the said event.

Overall I placed 183th with a 4 - 4 - 2 record (win - loss - draw).
The event gave me 100 yearly points, now I am 200 shy on competing on next years WMCQ.

I played Mono Blue Brain in a jar deck, below is the deck list (link here)

The Narset are last minute changes, which i don't regret as I had ultimate her on the matches where she drop on the board.

Notable matches:

  • Drop a Narset, Ultimate her but still lost to an Ulamog (the exile 20 card clause hurts much)
  • Mulligan to 5 cards (on the play)... keeps a land, 2 anticipate, 2 nagging thoughts. The next 9 turns is a non land card. Conceded on the 9th turn, check my library, and land is still not coming until the 12th turn.
  • Playing against Prison deck, I will win next turn via transformed thing in the ice, but opponent top deck a Send to Sleep (2 off on the deck) for the win with his 12/12 land.
Note for playing the deck
  • Aggro is a tough match up, unless you have your engulf the shore.
  • Displacement wave is good against token decks.
  • Patience is virtue with this deck.
Changes on the deck
  • Will add hydrolash on main deck, replacing send to sleep. 
  • Will replace some Mage Ring Network for another UW land.
  • probably will add secure the waste, replacing Narset on the main.
    • this combos well with westvale abbey, with counter back up.
  • will move Narset on the side, narset is good against control (though the deck is already good at control match ups).
  • will add more Thing in the Ice on the side (very against everything)
    • remove engulf for control match up.
    • add thing for aggro match up.

Biyernes, Abril 29, 2016

Vintage - Legacy in General

Unless you are filthy rich
one can not play Competitive Vintage or Legacy
with out shelling out HUGE amount of cash!!!!!

it is a Rich Kids Game!

Lunes, Abril 25, 2016

MAGIC: The Gathering ... Connecting the dots .. the domino effect

Everything below are just speculation and guesses. 
With the recent changes to ProTour payout on appearance - link here
I would have to speculate for the reason behind this sudden move.
Now connecting the dots i have found the following below:

I believe this all started with the "leak" on a cards spoiler then banning of a handful of judges - 
Now this is a red flag for judges (as they are volunteers that can be dispensed by WOTC anytime they seem fit), 
opted them to make counter measure regarding matter moving forward, 
hence they filled a lawsuit against WOTC. link here.  
Now Wizards check everything, 
and later found out that Pro Players can also be qualified as an WOTC employee 
once Judges win the lawsuit case.
Now to proactively counteract things, 
they reduce the payout on Pro Players (supposedly making them look like players rather than Employees.
  • if you would look closely on the lawsuit, it would seem that Pro Players are likewise Employees of Wizards

While all of this are all my speculation, and just wild guess. 
But who knows, it might be true ^_^

Modern Magic

I will be building me self a Modern Deck,
but due to the nature of Modern Rotation,
i will have to set some criteria on Modern deck to build.
wait, what do i mean by Modern Rotation? well Modern do not rotate perse.
but every new expansion there is a ban list announcement.
once a specific modern deck becomes popular and very strong
there is a very big chance that a part of that deck will be banned.
with the banning of that card (i.e. Birthing Pod, Eye of Ugin, Eggs, Bloom, Splinter Twin)
that deck archetype becomes obsolete, hence rotates out.

Now with the price tag of a modern deck, and the premise above.
below will be the criteria for Modern Deck i will build

  • cheap
  • must have a tribe of some sort (^_^)
  • must contain white