Martes, Hulyo 12, 2016

Philippines WMCQ II Modern Format

July 9, 2016 was Philippines WMCQ II held at Glorietta 3 Activity Center.
Total attendee was at 460. A Philippine record for a Modern Format, biggest gathering for Modern players.

I played my trusted Allies deck, and ended up 116th.
This got me 3 Khan of Tarkir packs.

Huwebes, Hulyo 7, 2016

Philippine WMCQ II is coming this July 9, 2016, the event will be held on Glorietta.
I would be using my trusted Allies deck back in the days it was legal, with some few upgrades.
The functions like an 8 wack deck, but instead of Goblin Bushwacker, it uses Akoum Battlesinger.
It has a potential 20 damage on turn 3.
Below is the List:

Creatures (30)
4Expedition Envoyw1.16
4Hada Freebladew7.96
4Akoum Battlesinger1r0.72
4Kazandu Blademasterww8.72
2Ondu Cleric1w0.58
4Thalia's Lieutenant1w13.60
4Kabira Evangel2w14.60
4Reckless Bushwhacker2r2.36
Spells (10)
3Lightning Boltr6.63
3Mana Tithew2.79
3Path to Exilew30.87
1Captain's Claws20.67
Lands (20)
4Ally Encampment3.64
4Battlefield Forge5.60
2Clifftop Retreat10.00
1Keldon Megaliths0.24
1Stomping Ground12.92
3Windswept Heath38.25
Sideboard (15)
2Gut Shotrp0.58
1Lightning Boltr2.21
1Path to Exilew10.29
2Phyrexian Revoker22.42
3Smash to Smithereens1r0.60
2Thalia, Guardian of Thraben1w18.44
1War Priest of Thune1w0.19
1Lantern Scout2w0.81
2Simian Spirit Guide2r10.98
75 Cards Total