Lunes, Abril 25, 2016

Modern Magic

I will be building me self a Modern Deck,
but due to the nature of Modern Rotation,
i will have to set some criteria on Modern deck to build.
wait, what do i mean by Modern Rotation? well Modern do not rotate perse.
but every new expansion there is a ban list announcement.
once a specific modern deck becomes popular and very strong
there is a very big chance that a part of that deck will be banned.
with the banning of that card (i.e. Birthing Pod, Eye of Ugin, Eggs, Bloom, Splinter Twin)
that deck archetype becomes obsolete, hence rotates out.

Now with the price tag of a modern deck, and the premise above.
below will be the criteria for Modern Deck i will build

  • cheap
  • must have a tribe of some sort (^_^)
  • must contain white

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